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All businesses should have a “clear vision” of their customers as well as their competitors. To acquire the right vision, there is a need for efficient gathering and analysis of data. The pulse of the market is the wants, needs, and desires of the users. The market’s consumption tendencies are the empowering knowledge that fills the gap between the producer and target consumers. 

With the growth of the population and extension of the markets, the associated data has expanded - enough so to limit the ability to assess the needs of the customers easily. Luckily, there are businesses that specialize in this subject and by taking advantage of their analytical market services, possible financial losses can be avoided. We are an Iranian service/platform that facilitates market research process for all businesses. This quick and affordable service empowers your business to make confident decisions by providing targeted consumer data in the most secure and confidential way. With the right data, you can make the right decision.


our servise consists of two major sides: On one side, there are registered businesses that can submit their marketing inquiries and commercial concerns through our streamlined exclusive online dashboard. They will be charged for each answer they receive in response to their questions. The answers are provided through the second side of the platform; the users who have installed our mobile application, i.e. consumers of services and products of the businesses. These consumer-users receive a bonus as a reward for each answer they provide for the questions through our servise.

Currently, there exist over 20,000 actively responding users who have registered their detailed demographic information in our servise. Even medium or smaller business owners can utilize 

the system to reach targeted groups to conduct their marketing research at a reasonable price.

Conducting marketing research minimizes risks inherent in decision-making; it makes the advertising campaigns aware of the audience’s desires and helps them measure their campaign's effectiveness.


Our international counterparts, Toluna and Google Opinion Rewards, have contributed substantially to the targeting of worldwide markets. Today marketing is a deeply rooted and interdisciplinary science. our marketing research team benefits from the gifts of this modern science and takes sure steps on the mapped paths to reach success.

When businesses have given people the chance to reflect their views on products and services supplied, they become empowered by information that can shape new ideas and improve experiences for their customers.


There have been countless cases in which people have guided businesses through similar market research to make history. This group process has resulted in revolutionary changes in manufacturing, production and the delivery of services. we aims to empower businesses to make informed decisions and enhance your vision to lead your business to success.

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